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What should I do if I run out of prescription medication?

Requests for prescription refills should be made during routine office hours, Monday through Friday, and will generally be handled within 24—48 hours. Refill requests will not be taken after regular business hours. It is best to call for a refill at least 10 days before you are out of medication.

What if my insurance provider changes?

See Patient Information: New Patients for a complete list of insurance carriers that we accept.
If your insurance provider is not listed, please call CIMA at (706) 389-3875.

What should I expect as CIMA transitions into Electronic Medical Records (EMR)?

As we make the transition into Electronic Medical Records, you should expect staff to request updated information on your family, social and medical histories in addition to all medications you are currently taking. This will ensure the most current and accurate information is entered into our EMR system. While this may add just a few minutes to your next appointment time, EMR will certainly save time at future appointments. While we are undergoing this transition, please plan to arrive an additional few minutes early for your scheduled appointment to arrange time for updating records.

What are the benefits of EMR?

In addition to the added efficiency of electronic record keeping for our office, EMR will offer our patients easier, safer access to important health information such as prescribed drugs, medication conditions and other aspects of their medical history. Once the transition is complete, EMR will save our patients time during their scheduled appointments.

Community Internal Medicine of Athens
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